The LA2 compressor

While down with sinus surgery, took the time to upgrade a piece of gear I built in 1995.  The LA2 was the first piece of outboard gear I built for Lamont Audio.  I will be up grading the the opto isolators from United Audio to Kenetek fast and slow units. While its on the bench i''m making a few modifications.  In the original design I direct coupled the White follower.  While that saved some parts and might have sounded marginally better I found the circuit was very particular about the brand of tube that would work in it, so I am putting it back to the classic circuit [AC coupled].  I am also getting rid of the high frequency pre emphasis [which I never use] and the stereo tie [which never tracked very well].  This allowed me to get rid of a lot of extra wire making the unit a lot more stable. When the new opto come in I will recalibrate the unit and reinstall.

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