Music Production Studio in Phoenix, AZ

Are you and your band looking for a high-quality studio in the Phoenix area to record your first album? Do you need a place with cutting-edge technology to produce stunningly clear audio? Call Lamont Audio in Phoenix, AZ. The recording studio was designed and built by Sandy Lamont, whose 45 years of engineering and music production experience have given him the passion and skill needed to record high-quality music.

The Studio

Lamont Audio provides recording options to help you achieve exactly the sound you’re looking for, including midi, digital, and analog. The laid-back and relaxed design and décor of the studio helps you feel right at home while you put together your next hit.

The studio’s design caters to a large variety of music genres, including:

  • Jazz
  • Country
  • Blues
  • Gospel
  • Rock
  • Classical

If you’re a musician or producer working out of your home, we are available for those critical details best left to professional equipment. The recording studio and control room are fully equipped with the best technology for your work. We also keep a number of instruments, vintage and contemporary, available for your use.

Contact Us

At Lamont Audio, we strive to help your creativity flow and create something new and unique. All of our analog equipment is custom built, giving you a product you won’t find anywhere else.

Call us now at 602.292.8380 to schedule a session. Don’t forget to ask us about our package rate and producer discounts. We’re also available to contact through our online contact form to answer any questions you may have.

Ask about our package rates and producer discounts!

what our clients are saying

Lamont Audio in Phoenix, AZ has a state-of-the-art recording and mixing console with the latest ProTools software.