Control Room

A well equipped, sonically neutral control room is essential for any recording project and our room has been designed and outfitted to meet those requirements. The room is pie wedge shaped with a 10 foot front wall and a 16 foot back wall. To avoid acoustic reflections, the control room window is placed on the right and the front half of the room is covered with sound absorbant foam by Aurlex. The back wall is acoustically reflective with diffusion and bass traps providing an optimal listening environment.

We provide a choice of digital and analog recording platforms. A 32 channel Avid HDX ProTools system provides a solid foundation for digital recording. If you prefer the sound of analog, you can choose from 24 and 16 track multi-tracks all the way down to 2 track half-inch tape decks.

The console is the heart of the control room which is why we chose to custom design and construct our own using the highest quality op-amps and VCA's in the industry. This results in a low noise, high head room board suitable for the most demanding of recording jobs. Each channel has a four band parametric equalizer, compressor and gate for maximum flexibilty. A full compliment of outboard signal processing gear places any sound you can conceive of at your finger tips.

EXISTING AUDIO TRACKS OR SESSIONS FROM OTHER RECORDING STUDIOS: No matter where or when or how your existing digital tracks have been recorded, we can probably import them into a new ProTools session, or use your existing ProTools session(s) -- see our complete list of software, plugins and gear below. Digital audio from other software programs should be organized by song and consolidated into separate continuous audio files. We'll talk you through everything when you book your session.

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Control Room

  • Apple Westmere 12 core with SSD
  • 32 I/O Avid HDX ProTools System
  • Apogee Big Ben master clock
  • MCI JH24 24 track 2" analog tape machine
  • Scully 288B 16/8 track 2/1" analog tape machine
  • Otari 2 track MTR-10 1/2" analog tape machines
  • Otari 2 track MTR-10 1/4" analog tape machines
  • 24 track 20 bit ADAT
  • 14' x 19' x 11 Symetrical Wedge Segment
  • Aurlex absorbent foam in the listening area
  • Live back wall with diffusion and bass traps
  • Extremely accurate mixing environment
  • Balanced 100 amp electrical service by Equi-Tech


  • 24 channel input /output
  • 12 summing busses
  • 32 in monitor
  • 4 band parametric equalizers
  • Compressor/Gates built with Aphex 1001 VCA's
  • John Hardy 990c summing amps
  • OPA2604 & LME49860 op amps
  • Custom designed and crafted by Sandy Lamont


  • 5 pairs of custom speakers
  • 2 custom subwoofers
  • Mono, stereo, and 5.1 surrond monitoring
  • Rane Crossovers (3)
  • Haffler amplifiers (6)


  • Protools 2018 Ultimate
  • Waves Platinum Bundle
    • API 550 eq
    • F6 Compressor
    • Puigtec EQ
    • L3 - 16 Limiter
    • Abbey Road Chambers
    • Abbey Road ADT
    • PuigChild Compressor
    • J37 Tape Saturation
    • WLM LUFS Meter
  • Autotune
  • Phoenix reverb
  • Strike
  • Impact
  • Revibe
  • SoundToys


  • Limiters/Compressors
    • Urie 1176
    • LA 2 compressor
    • LA 3 compressor
    • LA 4 compressor
    • Fairchild compressor
  • Reverb/Effects
    • Lexicon PCM80 effects processor
    • TC 4000 reverb
    • Two stereo plate reverbs
    • Spring reverb