Jazz Accordion - Paul Betken with "PAUL'S TURN - JAZZ ACCORDION"

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This is a tune from my just released CD, "Paul's Turn - Jazz Accordion" available on CD Baby. This is "Line for Lyons" by Gerry Mulligan--a very groovy jazz standard. Musicians have played this song all different ways since the 60's. Rusty Jones, on drums with brushes, reminds me so much of my old bud, Max Mariash who played fine brush work for Art in the early days in Chicago. Rusty toured the world for years with George Shearing and he knew the value and sound of the technique especially with the accordion. My great brothers, Stan Sorenson, guitar, and Sean Brogan, bass, were so inspiring during the recoding date; they just made me so proud to do this tune with them. I have included some nice shots of the musicians on this recording date and also some great photos of my friends and mentors who inspired me to create this CD. .